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Living for the moment

A new life with dementia

Specialist residential care home for people with dementia - Caring for the young and elderly.

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A specialist environment is essential to a positive life, where there is a sense of freedom from entrapment and failure.

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By using a psychotherapeutic approach towards problems associated with dementia, we enable the person to come to terms with, and learn to live with their dementia in a positive way, regaining dignity and self-respect.


Life at Spring Mount is built around a homely, family environment. This involves a normal level of risk-taking and freedom of expression, using our own model of care specifically designed for people of all ages living with memory disorder and dementia.


Our experience in running Spring Mount has reinforced our belief that people with dementia are perfectly capable of leading normal, happy lives provided that the environment is designed to meet their needs, rather than expecting them to fit into environmental limitations. We have been continually surprised at the achievements of our residents whose determination to succeed in leading normal lives has filled us with admiration for their dignity and courage.


(Living for the Moment, Nursing Times 1991)